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For over 50 years, Entertainment® has been working with restaurant chains, grocery stores, travel partners and other retailers throughout the USA and Canada to help them attract and retain new customers. We invite you to join the Entertainment® Promotion Network.

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Entertainemnt Products

Entertainment® will market your coupon offers to our print and digital subscription members in our well-known Entertainment® books, online at entertainment.com, through our mobile app and customized programs we design for our Fortune 1000 corporate clients.

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Where consumers save, merchants grow, corporate clients engage and communities benefit.

Reach the Right Customers with Entertainment®

We'll connect you with the most receptive segments of our audience to maximize your exposure to your local target audience and bring new customers through your doors. Entertainment® is selective about where and how we deliver our products and services to customers. Entertainment® members are upscale, motivated, engaged and digitally savvy.


Married households: 63% (25% > US avg)

Own their home: 81% (16% > US avg)

College educated: 69% (24% > US avg)

Affluent: 56% HH income $75K+ (77% > US avg) and 39% HH income $100K+ (94% > US avg)


8 out of 10 chose to visit an establishment because they had an Entertainment® coupon for it

7 out of 10 returned to a "new" place again, even though they no longer had a coupon

9 out of 10 use Entertainment® products to get ideas of things to do (Places to Eat, Things to Do, Places to Shop)


Frequency of Coupon Use:

7 out of 10 use 10+ coupons annually

Use an average of 19 coupons a year

Amount of Savings from Coupon Use:

7 out of 10 save over $50

Average savings annually: $125!

Digitally Savvy

Entertainment® Members are more likely to do the following compared to the US population overall:

31% more likely to own a smartphone

39% more likely to order items from Internet

48% more likely to spend $200 or more on Internet purchases in a year

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