Merchant Toolbox

Merchant Toolbox

Delivering Value to All

ENTERTAINMENT® provides winning value to consumers, merchants, corporate partners and the community through unique benefits & promotions. The ENTERTAINMENT PROMOTION NETWORK™ is designed to help merchants like you grow by bringing customers into your doors and continuing to drive them back, again and again.
Drive Repeat Traffic.
Increase Loyalty.
Generate Revenue.


Offer Format Poster
Use this poster to educate your staff about Entertainment Offer formats.
Mobile Coupons
How It Works
View the consumer experience of using a Mobile Coupon.
Validation Instructions
Learn how to process a Mobile Coupon.
Mobile Coupon Tracking Stickers
Download and print labels to track mobile coupon redemption. Instructions are provided.
Frequent Values®
Validation Instructions
Learn how to process a Frequent Values® discount.
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