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Entertainment® is the only fundraiser that gives back to your supporters and has over 50 years of proven fundraising success. We love to hear from our customers and share their sucess stories with you.

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Here are a few Testimonials from Our Fundraising Groups

Chets Creek Elementary School Exceeds $50,000 with Entertainment!
Chets Creek Elementary PTA is pleased to be working with and selling the Entertainment Books for the past 5 years. During this time, we have enjoyed profits exceeding $50,000. The most important thing however, is the support and feedback from our parents on a fundraiser that continues to give money back to them and savings year round. Angela Hopfe, PTA Fundraising Chairperson, Jacksonville, FL
Westfield Intermediate Raises Over $14,000!
We made over $14,000 selling Entertainment books for our school. It was an excellent fundraiser. Our Rep did a fantastic job coordinating the event. She was on top of everything from the beginning until the end. We have over 800 students in our building and the process issuing books, collecting money, and distributing books and prizes went very well. We made a lot of money for our school last year and look forward to selling Entertainment Books again this year. Lori Keith, PTO President, Westfield, IN, Westfield Intermediate
Learning Prep Finds Value in a Demanding Economy
Your products sell. Entertainment Coupon Books provide a value in an economic climate demanding value. The fact that your companies’ operations run so smoothly are a testimony to their worth…such phenomenal staff is also a huge sign to me of your quality and excellence. Donald Hersh, West Newton, MA
Leukemia Society of America Major Fundraiser is Entertainment!
I’m always proud and enthusiastic about selling and representing the Entertainment Book as one of my major fundraisers. People recognize it immediately and it sells itself because of its value. Leukemia Society of America, Sterling Heights, Michigan
Big Brothers & Big Sisters Have Successful Fundraiser!
Entertainment Books are a very reliable fundraiser for us every year. The staff provides great support to ensure your fundraising campaign is a success! Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Calgary and Area, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Florida Fundraiser Calls Entertainment Reliable & Trustworthy!
In my experience as the Fundraising Chairperson, I have found Entertainment Publications to be a reliable, trustworthy company. They strive to ensure that all of our needs are met, especially those of our parents and our most important consumers. Angela Hopfe, Fundraising Chairperson, Jacksonville, FL
Spring Woods Soccer Team Earns High Profits!
Great campaign! Quick, easy fundraiser for all women’s athletics! We sold books collectively earning high profits for each of our teams! Spring Woods Girls Soccer Team, Spring Woods, TX
Heavenly Ski Foundation Offsets Cost of Winter Sports
Entertainment has given our young athletes an easy, effective and successful way to earn money which they use to offset the high cost of competing in winter sports activities. Heavenly Ski Foundation, Zephyr Cove, Nevada
Peoples Church calls Entertainment the “Best Fundraiser”!
Entertainment is the best fundraiser! The product quality is second to none. We continually make the best profit margin with this product than any other we’ve used! Kingsmen Ministry Peoples Church, Fresno, California
B’nai B’rith of Ontario…”Entertainment is Fantastic!”
The people at Entertainment were fantastic to work with…helpful every step of the way. B’Nai B’rith, Upper Canada, North York, Ontario
Learning Prep Finds its Complete Fall Fundraising Package
A few select terms to describe our Entertainment Representatives are professional, efficient, energetic, reliable, dependable, trustworthy, and responsive to our needs. When we put this force together with proven winning products, our school wins! We have truly found the complete package for our fall fundraising, we thank you. Donald Hersh, West Newton, MA, Learning Prep School
PTA Chairperson…”Most Successful Fundraisers of the Year!”
We’ve been participating in the Entertainment Book fundraiser for at least 10 years now. It is one of the most successful fundraisers of the year. Our parents love the quality and contents of the book, and look forward to the new books every year. We even have parents of students moving on to the middle school calling us when we have our book sale, looking for their Entertainment book. Jackie Rocca, PTA Chairperson, Troy, MI
St. Mary’s School is thrilled with their Sally Foster Success!
You offer a high-quality product for an exceptional value – and ‘give’ us great profit! As Chairperson, I was impressed with how easy Sally Foster made my job. Your website and chairperson’s manual provided everything I needed to know and the area representative was fully supportive. We are thrilled with the success. St. Mary’s School, Richmond, Virginia
Wisconsin School Purchases Classroom Computers
Thanks to the Entertainment Book fundraisers, the past three years we have been able to purchase classroom computers, software and a computer projection device. King Elementary School, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Englewood Elementary Gets Higher Profits than Expected
I recently was the chairperson for Entertainment Book fundraiser at our school. I thought it sounded like a lot of work and doubted that we would make very much money. Now that our sale is over, I am happy to report that it was more profitable than I believed it would be and I have agreed to chair the fundraiser again next year. I could not have been more pleased with our representative, and she is the reason that we will participate again. Her kick-off generated excitement for a book of coupons that I did not think was possible. Throughout the sale, she offered any help that I needed and was very responsive to my requests. The close-out that I dreaded was quick and easy. Nancy Henne, Englewood, OH
Nova Scotia School Chooses Entertainment 4 years in a row!
My school has been selling Entertainment Books for over 4 years now. The fundraiser runs smoothly, it’s a great product and the representatives are very easy to work with. Tara ynn Byron, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Beavercreek Christian Learning Center Recommends Entertainment
I just want to thank you again for all your help with our fundraiser. You’ve been a pleasure to work with the last 2 years. I appreciate your professionalism and prompt responses to my multiple questions and requests. The Entertainment books and cookie dough fundraisers have been really beneficial for our school. You and your team take care of all the little things to help ensure that it all runs smoothly. It has taken minimal effort on our part to make them successful. I’d be glad to be a reference for you for anyone considering doing a fundraiser with your company. Nova Otte, Beavercreek, OH, Beavercreek Christian Learning Center
Westbrook Elementary Fundraisers are Very Successful!
I have been involved in our PTA fundraising efforts for the past 6 years. We have tried a variety of other fundraisers with different companies, but have found that our fundraisers with Entertainment Fundraising Sales have by far been the easiest and most profitable. The products are practical for families and most importantly affordable. Aside from the products practically selling themselves, the Entertainment representatives are wonderful to work with. They guide us through each step from the initial planning to the final pick-up, to ensure our fundraiser runs as smoothly as possible. I have found the representatives to be very flexible, generous, and organized. Our fundraisers have been very successful and we will continue to work with Entertainment Fundraising Sales in the future! Sandi Miller, PTA Board Member, Brookville, OH, Westbrook Elementary
Miamisburg Christian Academy Has a Great Fundraiser
Entertainment books are a great fundraiser for our school. The process from start to finish is simple and our rep is great. Sharon Maqsud, Miamisburg, OH, Miamisburg Christian Academy
Ohio School Raises $18,000 with Cookie Dough Fundraiser!
I think the cookie dough sale may have been the easiest fundraiser I have ever done. Americans love cookies and they especially love them when they are so easy to make. The dough sells itself! Katy and her crew also made the process so easy for the school by organizing and sorting all the cookie dough for us. We sold $18,000 of the cookie dough with very little stress on our part. Thanks for a job well done. Galen Gringerich, Principal, Tipp City, OH
Troy, MI School Calls Entertainment Customer Service “Unmatched”
Every year there seems to be more business establishments appearing in the books, which gives parents more savings throughout the year. We typically sell 1,000 books or more, which results in a significant profit to help with our school/PTA activities. The customer service from Entertainment is unmatched. They are there from the start to the finish of our sale. If we need any assistance, help, or just have questions, they are always available for us. I know that I look forward to the new Entertainment books every year. Jackie Rocca, Chairperson, Troy, MI
Minnesota Group Raises over $5,000 for Music Program
Fundraising with Entertainment has been a SNAP! We have been working with Entertainment for the past 3 years, and have raised over $5,000 for our Music program and Senior Missions Trip, with only 54 participating students. Ann Broscoff, Chaska, MN
Summerside Elementary calls Entertainment “Over the Top!”
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much we are looking forward t working with you again on the cookie dough fundraiser. After meeting with you to re-sign for next year, I would like to let you know how much we appreciated getting all of the information, with no hidden “we will do THIS for you, but you will have to PAY this amount” for any price level or reward. There were no surprise fees for us to absorb (and take off of our bottom line) as we found with other cookie dough companies that we interviewed. That honest and upfront approach, along with the service, the quality of product, sent your company over the top!! We look forward to working with you again! Heidi Guethlein, Co Presidents, Cincinnati, OH, Summerside Elementary
Graham Elementary is Thrilled with their Profits!
I am writing to express my appreciation for a wonderful fundraising experience. This was our schools first year selling Entertainment books and we are already looking forward to our partnership next year. I would like to thank Amy for all of her assistance answering questions and explaining the selling process. It made the job of our fundraising team much easier as we embarked on our two-week sale. We found the whole experience wonderful and are thrilled with our profits. We would recommend the entertainment book fundraising sale to anyone interested in raising money for his or her school, team, or committee. Katie Setty, Urbana, OH, Graham Elementary
Texas Band Students Raise Money for Annual Spring Trip
Our 325 band students had the opportunity to sell Entertainment Books at the beginning of the school year to help offset the costs for the Annual Spring Trip. The costs of this trip each year is always in excess of $450. I honestly don’t know what the kids that use this would do if they didn’t have such an awesome program to help offset such expenses. Entertainment Books give these kids 50% return on sales, and makes every effort to help them sell with advertising brochures, posters and a website that is user-friendly and convenient. Thanks, Entertainment, for 4 great years! My daughter is off to college so I am passing my chairperson duties to another “Band Mom”! I know her experience will be as awesome as mine has been. Kristi, Panahi, Katy, TX, James E. Taylor High School Band Boosters
Learning Prep Chooses Entertainment Over 100 Fundraising Companies!
As our school’s current fund raising coordinator, part of my responsibility lies in choosing what is best financially for our program, from the very best of companies. Last year alone, in perhaps the worst economy ever, approximately 100 companies approached me for our business. Fortunately, I chose wisely again. We have been utilizing Entertainment Publications for almost two decades as our school’s opening fall fund raiser, with wonderful success. We signed on with Sally Foster a few years ago to piggyback our profits, and again, with wonderful success. Donald Hersh, West Newton, MA, Learning Prep School
Fall Creeks Raises $22,000 with Entertainment
Fall Creek Intermediate School has been selling the Entertainment Books for many years. We continue to raise $22,000 plus in revenue each year. The books sell themselves. It’s a win, win situation. We raise money, the customers cost of the book is recouped as soon as they start using the coupons, and local stores get customers. What could be easier!!! They even offer books from other states to take care of relatives and friends. Online ordering is easy. Susan Ward, PTO President, Indianapolis, IN
Football Coach Finds the Book Easy to Sell
We continue to use this program because the book is very easy to sell (vs. other products like candy, pizza, etc) and the purchasers ae able to use the discounts all year long. I particularly use the restaurant and entertainment deals for my family and 50% off car washes every month. Personally, the book really saves me (and my family budget) a lot of money over the course of a year. My team benefits by selling the Entertainment Book, helping to defray the costs of purchasing equipment, team awards, and funding our season ending team party. Daryl Darlak, Football Coach, Downingtown, PA
Pennsylvania School Makes More Money Each Year!
The East Ward Elementary fifth grade has used the Entertainment book fundraiser for about four years. Each year the response gets better and more money is made! Denise Giunta, 5th Grade Teacher, Downingtown, PA
New Jersey School…”The Entertainment Book Basically Sells Itself!”
I wanted to let you know how successful this fundraiser is for our school. The Entertainment book basically sells itself to people who are familiar with it. When the book is viewed by someone unfamiliar, it doesn’t take much for them to decide to purchase it so they can take advantage of the savings the Book offers. Diana Skidmore, Dover, NJ
Centerville Middle School Brings in Over $10,000!
Having a fundraiser program that takes just a few volunteers and runs only a few weeks is a very EASY program to run. In my experience chairing this fundraiser for 10 years, I have seen it bring over $10,000 to our school. It is exciting to see the participation in this program when there is also a benefit for the purchaser. Caroline Scornavacchi, Chairperson, Centerville Middle School
Milwaukee School enters 2nd Year with Entertainment
Entertainment made the fundraising easy for us with organized delivery, great communication, and distribution. We are excited to enter our second year with Entertainment and the potential fundraising we will reach for this year. Heidi Endicott, Chairperson, South Milwaukee, WI
Bloomingdale School Fundraiser is Huge Success!
Entertainment Book has been a huge success for our school. The product sells itself and has such excellent savings. I would highly recommend this fundraiser to any school considering starting it! Kelly DeLavergne, Chairperson, Bloomingdale, IL
Minnesota Customers Contact Students Before Fundraiser Begins!
The products (the books and the cookies) are quality products that the customers really like, so they almost sell themselves. We’ve had customers that contact students before the sales even begin, wondering when they can get their product. Students that are motivated can EASILY make $400 or more each year just through selling the Books and Cookie Dough. Ann Broscoff, Chaska, MN
Small Private Christian Florida School Raises $8,000!
Our school used Entertainment Books as a major fundraiser last year and will be using it again this year. We are a small private Christian school and were able to raise close to $8,000. This program has worked effectively in the past and we were pleasantly surprised to do so well last year due to the current economic condition. The money we raised actually benefited both the teachers and families as it was used to build up our general budget. It is, without a doubt, the easiest fundraiser we have and, with the exception of our Silent Auction, brought in the most money. The Entertainment staff was a joy to work with and made this fundraiser “fun”! Liz Gritter, Fundraising Director, Winter Park, FL
Florida School Has Successful Cookie Dough Fundraiser!
You can quote me!! Last Spring we ran Classic Recipes Emily’s Home Bakery™ Fundraiser. The cookie dough arrived at the school on the day we were promised and we had zero issues. Seriously, after the delivery was completed, I kept waiting for a phone call about something and didn’t get one!! The kids were thrilled with the prizes and our program walked away with a nice chunk of money!! This year we are interested in running Classic Recipe cookie fundraiser before Thanksgiving holiday. Your customer service is unsurpassed. Robin Robb, Indialantic, FL
Jacksonville School Likes Dealing with One Fundraising Company
I particularly like the idea of dealing with one company for school fundraisers. Entertainment Publications provides fundraisers with coupon books, wrapping paper, or cookie dough sales so it’s much easier for the schools to coordinate. Angela Hopfe, PTA Chairperson, Jacksonville, FL
Centerville Ohio Fundraiser Praises Entertainment’s Customer Service
Thank you for making fundraising effortless, profitable, and pleasant! Your professionalism and highly motivated customer service representatives proved invaluable to us in obtaining our fundraising goals. What a wonderful experience! We are proud to endorse Entertainment Publications and look forward to future endeavors. Patricia Daniels, President, Centerville, OH

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