Select a Sports Fundraising Product

Picking the RIGHT Fundraising Product

Mens_Nonprofit_Group Once you’ve selected a reputable fundraising company that can provide you with the tools and expertise that will lead to a successful fundraiser, the next step is to select the best fundraising product for your sports organization and supporters.

5 Qualities for a GOOD Fundraiser Product

  1. Strong Product Demand:
    Is the product something your supporters will find useful? While they might be happy to support your sports team, you can maximize your results when you offer a product that your supporters will actually use and really want.

  2. High Product Value:
    We’ve all paid $20 for $5 worth of chocolate  or popcorn to support a worthy cause, but the product didn’t represent a great value for your supporter. ENTERTAINMENT® is a product that delivers savings to your supporters well above the purchase price so it’s truly a win-win!  The printed coupons, online coupons, and many other ways to save money are one of the ways that Entertainment® Coupon fundraisers stand out above all other fundraisers!

  3. Attainable Profit Percentage:
    Is the profit percentage realistic? 90% profit probably means you’re charging many, many times more than the product is worth. A realistic profit percentage is between 40% and 50% profit.  Don’t be fooled by companies that promise REALLY high profits, but require you pay in advance.  It’s always best to know what you are paying for.

  4. High Profit Per Unit:
    One dollar items are easy to sell, but how many will your players need to sell to reach your fundraising goal? You might need to sell thousands if you’re only earning $0.50 for each item sold. With Entertainment®, profits can be as high as $13.50 or more per unit sold (profit depends on local edition and total number sold). Ask for your specific profit schedule.

  5. NO Hidden Charges:
    Don’t get stuck paying for shipping and handling, marketing materials, or other hidden charges that many companies like to tack on. When you partner with Entertainment® Fundraising you’ll receive a variety of free marketing materials and no hidden costs. Plus shipping and handling is also FREE!

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