Types of Fundraisers

Three Methods for School Fundraisers

School FundraisersMost schools run a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year. Your school can benefit from having a well-rounded fundraising portfolio consisting of multiple school fundraisers throughout the school year. Choose a method that helps build your community and leaves your students feeling proud:

Event Fundraisers

Silent auctions, walk-a-thons, and family fun nights are common school fundraising events. Event school fundraisers are a great way to reach out to your students, their families and the entire community. Plus, they are usually fun social events that everyone enjoys.

School event fundraisers can be fun and profitable, but they do require planning time, effort, group involvement, and potential upfront cost. Organizing a school fundraising event can take weeks or months for your school’s fundraising committee to plan and multiple parents or volunteers to help run the event.

Anyone who has ever been involved in a school auction fundraiser knows that planning typically starts one year before the actual auction! With school fundraising events, it is important to carefully plan and estimate how many people will attend, and be prepared to handle any upfront cost in advance. Any miscalculation could be expensive and take away from your school fundraising profits.

Product Fundraising

The most popular type of school fundraiser is a product fundraiser. Product fundraising involves the sale of a product to your supporters (typically parents), where your school keeps a percentage of the selling price.

This fundraising method is extremely popular in schools because your students are your school’s built-in sales force. Popular product fundraisers include selling product like: popcorn, chocolate candy bars, calendars, candles, coupon books, magazines, gourmet cookie dough, gift wrap, lollipops, bracelets, magnets, and many more items.

Direct Appeal Fundraising

A third fundraising method is called: Direct appeal fundraising. This approach is not common for school fundraisers because it’s uncomfortable for most students to ask family and friends for cash donations, with nothing in return.

Some schools have stopped their fundraising activities altogether, instead simply encouraging parents to write checks. This fundraising method works best for larger charitable organizations like the Red Cross.

Why Product Fundraising Can Be the Best Alternative?
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