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Sales Tips For Your School Fundraiser!

When you fundraise with Entertainment®, your school Fundraising Representative will work with you and recommend the best fundraising sales techniques that match your school’s unique needs.

Here’s a highlight of fundraising selling techniques that work with the Entertainment® Book Membership Fundraiser. These fundraising sales techniques may seem obvious or “old-fashioned”, but they actually work and help school’s raise the most amount of money:

Sales Techniques for School Fundraisers

Send Product Home with Each Student

More than anything else, the success of your fundraiser depends on getting all of your students involved. Hold a kick-off assembly to start your fundraiser. If you are selling a product like the Entertainment® Book membership, it’s easy. Simply ask each student to take home at least one book, an order form, and try to sell five books each-one for their family, two to friends, and two to relatives!

Announce on Your School Marquee

Announce your fundraiser on your school marquee in front of your school or hang a banner announcing you have ENTERTAINMENT® editions for sale to help your school.

Use the Mini Market Approach (Middle School and High School)

Ask students to think about where they’ll be the next two week and whom they’ll see (during the fundraiser). Everyone has a unique set of people they know to offer ENTERTAINMENT® to friends, family, co-workers, etc. See Mini Market Flyer

Email Expands School Fundraiser Reach

Grandparents, aunts, uncles and close family friends are more than happy to help school children raise money for their school. Parents can send emails to ask out-of-town family and friends to help your school fundraiser. Entertainment® fundraisers feature easy-to-use email tools so students and parents can quickly send a prewritten email that is customized with their information to supporters who live far away. Your school fundraiser earns credit on all online sales.

Set Kids up for Success with a Selling Script

If a student is selling cookie dough for her school fundraiser, suggest saying, “These cookies are so good that they’ve been served at the White House!” Or, if selling the ENTERTAINMENT®, students can say, “Mom, I know you’re really tired tonight. Why don’t you buy this new 2014 ENTERTAINMENT® edition to help my school fundraiser and we can go out to dinner and save 50% using one of the coupons!”

Fundraise on Your School Website

When you partner with Entertainment Fundraising®, you will receive a custom link to incorporate in your school’s online initiatives. Putting this link on your school website or in your school newsletters is an easy way to reach a lot of families with little effort!

Clicking on the link will take your fundraising supporters to the Entertainment® webpage that is customized with your school fundraiser information. Your school earns fundraising dollars for each book sold online!

Organize a Pre-sale Fundraising Campaign

The earlier in the school year that you start your school’s fundraiser, the more opportunities you have to sell and the faster you can reach your fundraising goals. For example, your students can take orders in advance of the NEW 2015 Entertainment® Book and then deliver them as soon as they’re available.

Fundraise at School Events

Have a table and supply of Entertainment® Books available at sporting events, concerts, fall open houses, etc. Announce your fundraiser and let everyone know the great cause you are raising money for. This can really help your school sell more and achieve your fundraising goal.

Use Online Social Networks (High School Fundraisers)

Your students can update their Facebook and Twitter accounts with information about your school fundraiser. People can buy online to support your school. It’s an easy way to raise more money from out-of-town friends and relatives. Clicking on the link will take people to the Entertainment® website that’s customized with your school’s information. Your school fundraiser earns 40% profit for each edition sold online!

High School Sales Tip: Have students look through their Entertainment® Book and Mobile app to add up the savings from their favorite offers. High school students can have even more fun hanging out with friends with the great saving on: movies, recreation, entertainment, and fast food. Once they see how valuable the Entertainment® Membership is, they’ll be more excited to offer it to others.

Know the Right Time to For School Fundraising

Holidays and exams are generally not ideal times for fundraising drives. Academic success is the priority for kids in school, and fundraisers should never interfere with that. Parents will also appreciate your consideration, and support the fundraiser more enthusiastically.

Ask Parents Who Own Local Business to Help

Check to see if any of your student’s parents own a local business: local retailers, hair salons, auto repair shops or restaurants. Ask if they put a display on their counter and sell for your school. Retailers in particular look for ways to help with local school fundraising efforts.

Leverage the Power of Public Relations

Have your school take advantage of free publicity. Send out a press release out about your school fundraiser to the local newspapers. Expanding your reach to a wider audience can generate additional interest and money for your school’s fundraiser.

Host a School Fundraiser Telethon

Your school can host a fundraising telethon for maximum impact. It’s as easy as dialing the phone and asking the local community to support your school by purchasing Entertainment® coupon products.

Get Parents, Teachers & Kids Involved

Ask other parents and teachers to help with your school fundraiser. The old adage, “many hands make quick work” is especially true with school fundraising. At a minimum, you’ll want volunteers to help with promotions/communications, tallying and distributing orders to make your school fundraiser a snap.

Older students can also be a big help. Ask teachers if 1-2 students in their classrooms can help with collecting orders, making posters and product deliveries.

Include the Cost in Your Tuition (Private Schools and Preschools)

Eliminate the work of planning, organizing, and running a fundraiser by including the fundraising cost in your school’s tuition! Include the cost of one or two Entertainment books in your student fees. Explain to families that they can keep them, give as gifts, or sell to friends and family. Your fundraiser is complete in just one step.

We are committed to your fundraiser’s success. In addition to providing your group with proven sales techniques, you’ll also receive free marketing materials for your school and professionally designed fundraising posters, flyers, and more. See ‘Advertise Fundraiser’ for samples of these marketing materials.

Now you’re ready for the next school fundraising idea…
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