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Choose the Right Fundraising Company

Selecting the right fundraising company is not as easy as it may seam. The Web has thousands of companies that offer fundraising products. How do you pick the right fundraising company?

Many websites out there are not actually fundraising companies with a proven track record. A lot of times you’ll find that the website is simply a person offering ‘cash and carry‘ products for you to sell, which is not always in your best interest. An of course, you need to pay for most products in advance with your credit card!

You need a fundraising company you can trust; one that has a proven track record of successful product fundraising and is committed to helping you raise the most amount of profit with the least amount of risk and out-of-pocket expenses.

7 Questions to Ask a Fundraising Company

1. How long have you been in business? Some companies have been in business only a few years. Entertainment® Fundraising has helped over 131,000 schools and groups across North America raise money for 50 years.

In April 2014, Entertainment® was acquired by HSP-EPI Acquisitions, LLC, a group led by Lowell Potiker, son of company founders Hughes and Sheila Potiker.

2. Are you accredited by the Better Business Bureau? Entertainment® is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Plus, Entertainment® Fundraising has been a member of the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers (AFRDS).

3. How much money have you helped groups raise? In the last 50 years, Entertainment® has helped raise $2.5 billion with our proven, profitable fundraising programs. Very few other companies have been in business as long as Entertainment®, let alone helped raise $2,500,000,000 for local community organizations and schools!

4. Do you provide high quality products that our group members will be proud to offer their friends and family? People know and love the Entertainment® savings. Our money-saving products are found in more than 10 million households! In fact, many of our nonprofit fundraising groups report that their supporters actually seek them out year after year… to buy the newest Entertainment® Book Membership.

5. What services are available to make the most of our groups time and efforts? Our fundraising groups get toll-free access to our fundraising specialists and online fundraising planning tools, and Chairperson Handbook that’s designed to equip you with a well though out fundraising plan. Entertainment® has the resources to help you run an organized fundraiser.

6. What promotional, sales and marketing materials do you provide? With Entertainment®, marketing materials are available to you before you start your fundraiser. We offer helpful fundraising information like: sales flyers, parent letters, seller guides, fundraising posters, print-ready ads, and more!

7. Who pays for the shipping cost? Entertainment® provides FREE shipping right to your door! We even provide return shipping labels for unsold product.

Feel confident and join the over 57,000 charity and nonprofit groups that have selected Entertainment Fundraising in just the last five years!

Now you’re ready for the next Nonprofit fundraising idea…
How to Choose the Right Product for Your Fundraiser
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