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High School Fundraising Ideas

Fundraise in 3 Weeks. No Upfront Cost. Easy to Sell

High School Students High school fundraisers help students raise money for their school sports team or club. Fundraising allows them to supplement the costs involved in participating in extracurricular activities like band, choir, cheer, football and other sports, student organizations, and high school clubs.

Most high school fundraisers help student’s pay for equipment, uniforms, fees and travel. In some situations, the money raised by the students is donated to nonprofit organizations and charitable causes that appeal to teenagers.

How to Choose a High School Fundraiser Product

High school fundraising products are sold by the students with the assistance of a Coach or Advisor. If you are raising money in a high school, it must be fast and profitable, as well as easy to organize and run.

There are many different high school fundraising ideas and options, but the most successful will enable your group to reach its profit goal using student volunteers.

If you are selecting a product fundraiser for your team, club, or group, your decision affects the students as well as their family and friends who will support them.

High School Fundraisers Should Always:

  1. Offer great value for the buyer so that it’s easy for your students to sell
  2. Provide a high dollar profit for every unit sold so you can get to your goal quickly
  3. Come with proven sales & marketing materials that make your fundraiser easy to run
Entertainment’s fundraising products are easy and profitable! You can achieve your revenue goal in as little as 3 weeks!

The fundraising ideas below work for all types of high school sports teams and clubs: Band, Choir, Cheerleading, Dance, Football, Baseball, Track, Swimming, Golf, Key Club, DECA, FBLA-PBL, NHS, Student Council, Class trips, and many other high school activities.

Entertainment® Coupon Book and Mobile App Membership
2015 Entertainment Book FundraiserThis is a high school fundraiser that lets your students raise funds, your supporters save money, and local businesses grow.

The Entertainment® Coupon Book is one of the most popular fundraisers. People love to buy it because they because can get the price of the membership back with just a single use!

There are 118 different Books in cities all across the U.S. and Canada. Every book is filled with thousands of dollars in up to 50% off savings on dining out, sports, travel, shopping and more.

There are tons of neighborhood savings in every book, so your buyers save money AND feel good about supporting businesses in their local community.

Smartphone Coupon Redemption is Here!
Each membership includes the NEW Nationwide Mobile App. Once people understand that they can find nearby offers on their smartphones and get the discount by showing their phone, they want to buy immediately. The ‘show and save’ mobile app also includes offers for every Entertainment® edition, so it’s like paying for one and getting the other 117 for free!

Here’s how our High School fundraiser works (for qualifying schools):
  • We send you Entertainment on consignment, with no out-of-pocket cost, so there’s no risk
  • You’ll receive our proven sales resources that make it easy for your students to sell
  • You’ll receive a personalized Link to Share so your students can sell more online by reaching buyers with email and social media
  • We provide a full-time fundraising Rep to answer questions and keep things organized
  • Earn profit as high as $12 or more for every membership sold, getting you to your profit goal quickly
  • Your sale will last 3-weeks or less, then just pay us for what you sell, keeping the profit!

Entertainment® is the the perfect way to raise money, reward your buyers AND support local businesses! Get started now by requesting your FREE Information Kit.
Entertainment® Digital Savings Membership and Mobile App

The Entertainment® Digital Savings Membership high school fundraiser is our newest fundraiser. It’s similar to the Entertainment® Book fundraiser with two extra benefits:
    1. Your students don’t have to handle product inventory (no books to carry)
    2. It’s available in the Fall and Spring
Digital Savings Fundraiser EnvelopeWith this fast and profitable fundraiser, your students receive a brochure explaining the Digital Membership, with highlights of top local merchants. Students take orders, collect money and we email the 12-month membership codes to your buyers. It’s that easy. Request your fundraising info kit and get started today.

Classic Recipes™ Cookie Dough Fundraiser
Cookie Dough Fundraiser Poster The Classic Recipes cookie dough fundraiser is a great high school fundraising idea for any team, club or group. It’s a quick and easy way to raise money in the fall or springtime.

Every buyer will get a FREE 30-day Entertainment Digital Membership with access to $1000s in savings of up to 50% off on fine and casual dining, sports, shopping and more —right from their computer, tablet or smartphone.

The FREE digital membership allows your buyers to save more than the price of the cookie dough. They only need to use a few coupons to recover their cost. It’s like they get free cookies and support your high school fundraiser!

Our Cookie Dough fundraiser is the ONLY one with this added benefit — no other cookie dough fundraiser offers this BONUS:

How Our Cookie Dough Fundraiser Works:
    • We send you colorful brochures featuring 11 delicious flavors, available in tub or pre-portion
    • New this year is gluten free, so all your buyers will be pleased!
    • There are only 2 prices, which makes ordering easy
    • We ship the order packed by student so distribution is fast
    • No immediate refrigeration is needed
    • Our experienced fundraising Rep is available to help you throughout your sale
    • You earn 40% profit for everything you sell
    • No upfront cost
    • FREE shipping for accounts that qualify

Cookie dough is a delicious fundraiser that gives back to your buyers. We can help you get to your goal in as little as three weeks! Get started now.

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