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High School Band Fundraising Ideas

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High School Band Fundraising Idea In the last five years over 19,000 high schools, including bands, have worked with Entertainment® Fundraising to raise money.

Your high school band can raise more money in less time with Entertainment®. We’ve had bands raise over $10,000 with just this fundraiser! Just ask us how much you can raise!

Pick the Best Fundraising Product for your Band

Our high school band fundraising solution addresses the growing demand for additional funding and can help your band meet and exceed your fundraising goals. Watch this video and see how Entertainment helped this high school marching band achieve their goals.

For high school band fundraisers, we offer two fundraisers throughout the year:
  • Start the year fundraising with the Entertainment® book membership. It’s easy to sell because it gives your supporters 50%-off and buy-one-get-one offers for thousands of things they do everyday. In addition to the printed coupons, your supporters will also save with FREE Nationwide mobile app.

  • The best time to fundraise with Cookie Dough fundraiser is late Fall or early Spring.It’s also an easy fundraiser because everyone loves fresh baked cookies. Supporters love Classic Recipes Emily’s Home Bakery™ Cookie Dough and how easy it is to have fresh, home-baked cookies.
Download Cookie Dough Fundraiser Brochure for more information about our Classic Recipe Cookie Dough fundraiser for High School Bands.

Entertainment Has a Proven Record of Success to Help Your High School Band Fundraiser

In today’s environment, high schools need funds more now than ever to keep their extracurricular programs alive, and they are seeking effective and low-risk fundraising opportunities. Choose a low-risk fundraiser. For over 50 years we have helped schools and nonprofits raise over $2.5 billion.
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