Library Fundraising Ideas

Library Fundraising Ideas

One of our nation’s most important resources More than 435 libraries and library support groups, like Friends of Library and ALTAFF members, have worked with Entertainment Fundraising™ to raise money to promote library services. We have over 50 years of fundraising experience and know what it takes to run a successful fundraiser!

Easy Friends of Libraries Fundraisers

Offer your supporters a product they want…and need! Economic times are tough. You need to continue to raise funds for your library, but many of your supporters may want to cut back on their expenses. Offer a product that pays back your supporters more than they paid, and you’ll see a positive difference in your fundraising results.

  • The Entertainment® Book Membership Fundraiser gives your supporters 50%-off and buy-one-get-one offers for restaurants, dry cleaning, takeout pizza, movie tickets, and more. Everyone will enjoy additional savings with their membership card, online offers, and the Nationwide Mobile App.
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Library Fundraising Tip:
Fund raise in a High Traffic Area. Find a centralized location where a lot of people pass by on a daily basis. Put up the display on a table near the entrance to maximize visibility. Other options are to put the display on the counter where patrons check out books and videos, or next to the “new books” case.

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  • I've never seen a better book!

    "The kids can't keep them in their hands because they are selling so good! "
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    Miamisburg Christian Academy Has a Great Fundraiser

    "Entertainment® is a great fundraiser for our school."
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    Minnesota Group Raises over $5,000 for Music Program!

    "Fundraising with Entertainment® has been a SNAP! We have been working with Entertainment® for the past 3 years... "
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