Corporate Fundraisers

Many companies and corporations use fundraising as a way to reach out to their community and support charitable organizations.

In the last seven years, over 3,100 corporations have partnered with Entertainment® Fundraising to raise money for their favorite cause or charity. Nonprofit organizations and charities rely on corporate fundraisers to support their cause.

Choosing Your Corporate Fundraiser

Corporate fundraisers work best when employees sell a product that people actually want and need. You need a high value product to help raise funds for your charitable cause.
  • Use a product like the Entertainment® book membership and you’ll see a big difference in revenue your raise for your corporate fundraiser. The money people save with the discounts ends up being more than the purchase price.
  • Your company can offer people a way to save money and support your cause at the same time.
  • Your supporters will love the 50%-off and buy-one-get-one offers for restaurants, dry cleaning, takeout pizza, movie tickets, and more.
  • They save with Printed Coupons, Digital/Online, Frequent Values Card, and the NEW Mobile App.
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    Fundraising Tip: Fundraise on Your Company Website. We can provide you with a customized link that you place on your company website. When employees or supporters purchase, your corporate fundraiser automatically earns the fundraising dollars (40% profit for online sales).
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