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Taste of the Himalayas

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Taste of the Himalayas

(29.62 mi away)  

1700 Shattuck Ave.Ste. A • Berkeley, CA 94709

•  (510)849-4983

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  • Category:
    Fine Dining
  • Expires:
    December 31, 2014
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    Unlimited Uses
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    Not Available
  • Description:
    In addition to Nepalese dishes, the menu at Taste of the Himalayas offers Indian too. Nepalese cooking, like the culture, is inseparable from its geography. The influences mean some dishes taste very familiar, even if you've never had them. The Momos, Tarkaris & Shekuwa evoke China & India, as well as Tibet, with its Yak butter & mustard oil. Others are entirely new.

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