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Discount Dining Dollars Goes Mobile

Popular "virtual currency" acquisition program created by Entertainment Promotions and Destination Rewards now offers mobile coupon redemption

Troy, MI, January 16, 2013 — Discount Dining Dollars, a unique "virtual currency" acquisition program developed through a joint partnership between Corporate Marketing Solutions, a division of Entertainment Promotions, and Destination Rewards is going mobile through the launch of a new option that will enable customers to search and redeem coupons on a smartphone or tablet.

Corporate Marketing Solutions is a leader in providing consumer discount, promotion and coupon products. Destination Rewards is an industry leader in zero liability rewards programs.

"With the addition of mobile coupons to Discount Dining Dollars, it allows consumers to choose how to save in the way most convenient to them," according to Jeanne Chapman, EVP of Corporate Marketing Solutions. "And for marketers looking to improve the ROI of their acquisition programs, adding mobile makes the incentive an even more attractive solution."

Discount Dining Dollars incents customers with virtual dollars that they can use to obtain discounts at more than 70,000 restaurants nationwide. Marketers can award customers with Discount Dining Dollars in varying denominations based upon the value of what they are trying to incent. The program offers distinct advantages to corporate marketers over costly static one-time acquisition programs, such as a gift card or cash back, in that customers engage with the brand frequently by returning to the Discount Dining Dollars website over and over to select additional offers.

Through Discount Dining Dollars, marketers determine what denomination to use as their incentive. Denominations are available in $25, $50, $100, $250 and $500 increments. The consumer is awarded their Discount Dining Dollars via a code delivered either through an email or on a printed card featuring the denomination and given access instructions.

The consumer then creates an account and registers on DiscountDiningDollars.com. At the site, consumers search for discounts in areas where they want to save from more than 70,000 restaurant locations across North America.

Once selected, consumers can apply their Discount Dining Dollars to receive the discount of their choice by printing out a coupon.

The new mobile option gives customers the option to search for offers directly through their smartphone and to use the phone's geo-location abilities to find offers nearest to their current location. Mobile coupons can then be accessed and used immediately.

The mobile option will be available to new and existing customers of the program commencing in February 2013.
About Entertainment Corporate Marketing Solutions
Entertainment Promotions (www.Entertainment.com) is a leader in providing the most recognized and purchased consumer discount, promotion and coupon products throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Entertainment® enables consumers to enjoy the widest variety of coupons and savings offers through a diverse suite of products including: Entertainment.com™ Savings Membership, Entertainment® Mobile and the Entertainment Book Membership.

Corporate Marketing Solutions, a division of Entertainment Promotions, provides powerful customer engagement opportunities for businesses throughout North America.

With more than 25 years of success with fortune 1000 companies and top brands, we work with clients to understand their marketing objectives and identify the right customer engagement solutions. As a division of Entertainment Promotions, we leverage the most recognized and sought after merchant database with more than 500,000 ways to save. We create unique, targeted and relevant rewards, incentive and loyalty programs to help clients acquire, grow and retain their customers.

For more information on the Discount Dining Dollars program or virtual currency programs, email: mktgsolutions@entertainment.com or visit www.entertainment.com/cms.

About Destination Rewards®
Destination Rewards® is the industry's most innovative provider of zero liability rewards programs, specializing in loyalty, incentive and engagement solutions. Since inception in 2001, Destination Rewards has helped some of the world's most successful brands, such as Experian, Citigroup and Humana, drive customer retention and influence behaviors at a fraction of the cost of traditional loyalty and incentive programs. They offer superior technology on a patented, customizable platform that includes a robust array of travel, merchandise, gift cards, premium local coupons, daily deals, auctions, sweepstakes, games and much more. Destination Rewards is a privately owned company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. For more information please visit www.destinationrewards.com

Since 1962, ENTERTAINMENT® (www.entertainment.com) has worked to improve local communities as the leading consumer discount, promotion and coupon provider in the United States and Canada. Released annually, the ENTERTAINMENT® Book Membership supports both national and local merchants while helping consumers save money on restaurants, groceries, shopping, services, movie tickets, travel, car care and local sports attractions. With one of the largest merchant networks, ENTERTAINMENT® makes it possible for consumers to save anytime, anywhere and any way they want with online, print or mobile redemption choices.

Fundraising programs from ENTERTAINMENT® have helped schools and community groups raise more than $2.5 billion over the past 50 years. Its Corporate Marketing Solutions division serves Fortune 1000 companies by creating positive, customer lifecycle engagement through value-added savings programs and incentives.

For more information, visit www.entertainment.com.