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We Can Help You Drive Healthy Behavior

Entertainment® Corporate Marketing Solutions can create customized, high-value engagement, acquisition, and rewards programs that deliver cost-effective results.

Reward Healthy Behaviors in the Health Care Marketplace

Our 400,000+ database of coupon rewards and incentives can be segmented to deliver offerings focused on healthy options; active lifestyle, fitness memberships, family activities, healthy dining, sporting goods and more. And, of course, we can deliver these offers to targeted geographies and demographics you desire.

Our programs and incentives are up-to-date with industry regulations, are HIPAA compliant, and we partner with HIPAA compliant vendors.

Keeping your members healthy is important to lowering healthcare costs and helping you achieve your ROI goals. Let us show you how our creative solutions can drive participation in your wellness and healthcare programs.CMSs-Healthcare-01

Drive Healthy Behavior and Better Profits

Drive Healthy Behavior and Better Profits


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