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Entertainment® Book Membership Fundraiser

The 2015 Entertainment Book® Membership has a whole new look and is packed with more best-in-class offers and higher discounts but your book coupons are just the beginning..

The Free Mobile App contains the same great book savings, PLUS local savings in over 100 major cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. It’s like getting all Entertainment® editions on you phone!

Get More Money-Saving Discounts

Show your phone to save, plus print discounts online
Most Supporters Save $125 a Year! The Entertainment® editions are sold for fundraisers by thousands of schools and community groups each year.

There is no upfront cost for this fundraiser and it works for any size group or school.
This famous coupon book is a popular source for great local discounts.

Inside your supporters will find it’s packed with $1000s in savings on fine and casual dining, local attractions, travel, shopping and much more!

Entertainment® Book memberships are super easy to sell because people enjoy saving money while supporting a good cause, like your fundraiser!

Did you know…The average consumer uses 30 coupons in one year?

  • The Entertainment® editions are packed with discounts and coupons that can be used immediately. Your supporters get the Entertainment® Book membership which includes access to mobile-redeemable coupons and online printable coupons.
  • We’ve redesigned Entertainment.com® to make finding their favorite coupons easier than ever and our mobile app lets you search, map and redeem coupons right from your phone.

How Entertainment® Helps Your Group or School

When you sell Entertainment® Book Memberships for your fundraiser you earn up to 40% profit! The 2015 editions will be available for fundraisers as early as July, 2014 in some areas. Your school or non profit group sells them at the discounted fundraising price, which is less than retail. The average fundraising price for the Entertainment® Book Membership is $25 – $35, and varies by the edition.
  • Raise Money Quickly. No Upfront Cost. FREE Shipping.

Entertainment® Helps Your Community

Your supporters will appreciate the fact that the Entertainment® Book Membership pays for itself in just a few uses. Over 80% of purchasers want to buy a book again the next year. This is a fundraiser that grows year after year! Plus, your community benefits because local businesses get new customers.

Our Fundraising Customers Speak Out…

“I’m always proud and enthusiastic about selling and representing the Entertainment® Books as one of my major fundraisers. People recognize it immediately and it sells itself because of its value.”
Leukemia Society of America, Sterling Heights, Michigan

“Fundraising is easier when you have a product, like the Entertainment® Book, that families enjoy and want.”
Handsworth Secondary School, Vancouver, BC

“Great campaign! Quick, easy fundraiser for all women’s athletics! We sold books collectively earning high profits for each of our teams!”
Spring Woods Girls Soccer Team, Spring Woods, TX

“We made more money than we dreamed of! The sale is easy and our parents love the value.” Lawson Elementary, Johnston, IA

“We sold a valuable service to our families that will help them save money on the things they do every day all year long; Entertainment® Book. As a result, we raised more than double the amount of funds than we originally expected! Combine that with the support we received from the ENTERTAINMENT® team, and this was an effortless fundraiser.”
Whittier Elementary PTA, Seattle, WA
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