3 Nonprofit Fundraising Methods

Three Nonprofit Fundraising Methods

If your group is like most nonprofits, you probably run a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year. Your group can benefit from having a well-rounded fundraising portfolio consisting of these three types of fundraising methods:
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Direct Appeal Fundraisers

Direct appeal fundraising is typically targeted towards your core set of supporters. You reach out and ask them for their support (money or donations). This works well if you have members or supporters that are able to give large amounts of cash.

It can, however, be challenging to rally your group members around this type of nonprofit fundraiser because asking friends and family for cash donations, with nothing in return, is uncomfortable for most people. There’s also financial risk if you are conducting a large mail campaign; what if your donations aren’t enough to cover the cost of your mailing?

While direct appeal fundraising might be a component of your nonprofit fundraising efforts if you have large donors, you’ll probably need to consider doing other fundraisers in addition to this.

Event Fundraisers

Spaghetti dinners, golf outings, and pancake breakfasts are common nonprofit fundraising events. It’s a great way to reach out to your group members, families, and friends and get them to help support your cause. Plus, it’s usually a great social event that people will enjoy.

Some of the items you’ll need to consider are the time and effort it will take and the potential upfront cost. Most fundraising events take weeks or months for several people to plan, plus several more people to help run the event to ensure all goes well. Plus, you’ll need to carefully plan and estimate how many people will attend, and, often, you’ll need to front the cost in advance. Any miscalculation can mean that you spent too much because not enough people attended, or you turn people away because you ran out of space or food.

Product Fundraising

Product fundraising involves the sale of a product to your supporters, where your nonprofit group keeps a percentage of the selling price. Products typically sold for nonprofit fundraisers include popcorn, candy, coupon books, t-shirts, flowers, cookie dough, gift wrap, cookbooks and many other consumer items.

Let’s take a closer look at why selling products works so well for nonprofit fundraisers, especially if it’s a high-value product.

Now you’re ready for the next nonprofit fundraising idea…
How product fundraising works
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