Hockey Fundraising Ideas

Hockey Fundraisers

Hockey clubs and travel teams familiar with fundraising know they can generate a lot of money if everyone is involved and motivated.

Over 5,600 sports groups, including Hockey programs, have sold Entertainment® to raise money for their equipment, uniforms, competition, travel and more. We have a proven hockey fundraising solution!

Easy Hockey Fundraising Idea

The ENTERTAINMENT® Book Membership is our most popular fundraising product.

  • It’s available for fundraisers July – December
  • You sell at the fundraising price ($25 to $35 depending on the edition)
  • Consignment Sale means no upfront cost
  • You keep your profits right away
Your supporters will love the 50%-off and BOGO offers for restaurants, dry cleaning, takeout pizza, movie tickets, and more. Plus, they also get a membership card, online coupons added daily, and the NEW Nationwide Mobile App.

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Sports Fundraising Tip: Send the Product Home with Each Player. More than anything else, the success of your fundraiser depends on getting each player’s family involved. To get full support from them, prepare and distribute a fundraising package than informs and motivates them about your fundraising efforts.
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  • I've never seen a better book!

    "The kids can't keep them in their hands because they are selling so good! "
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    Miamisburg Christian Academy Has a Great Fundraiser

    "Entertainment® is a great fundraiser for our school."
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    Minnesota Group Raises over $5,000 for Music Program!

    "Fundraising with Entertainment® has been a SNAP! We have been working with Entertainment® for the past 3 years... "
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