Basketball Fundraising Ideas

Basketball Fundraisers

Over 5,400 sports organizations, including hundreds of basketball teams, have worked with Entertainment® to raise money for uniforms, competitions, player awards, coach gifts, travel, and more. We have 50 years of fundraising experience and can help your team have a successful basketball fundraiser!

Easy Basketball Fundraising Idea

With the Entertainment® Book membership fundraiser your supporters get the famous BIG COUPON Book filled with 50%-off and buy-one-get-one offers for restaurants, dry cleaning, pizza, movie tickets, and more.
What are the benefits of fundraising with Entertainment Fundraising?
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  • Your team sells at the fundraising price—$25 to $35
  • Earn up to 40% profit
  • Available between August and December
Basketball Fundraisers Win with ENTERTAINMENT®
The Entertainment® is the BEST Fall fundraiser because it’s quick, easy and highly profitable.
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  • I've never seen a better book!

    "The kids can't keep them in their hands because they are selling so good! "
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    Miamisburg Christian Academy Has a Great Fundraiser

    "Entertainment® is a great fundraiser for our school."
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    Minnesota Group Raises over $5,000 for Music Program!

    "Fundraising with Entertainment® has been a SNAP! We have been working with Entertainment® for the past 3 years... "
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