High School Football

High School Football Fundraisers

In the last five years over 19,000 high schools, including football teams, have worked with Entertainment Fundraising® to raise money! Your football team can raise more money in less time with our fundraising program developed specifically to help high school student sellers deliver maximum results.

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There is a growing demand for additional funding for high school football and we can help your team achieve your fundraising goals. For high school football fundraisers we recommend several fundraisers throughout the year:

    2015 Entertainment Book Fundraiser Poster
  • The Entertainment® Book Membership fundraiser gives your supporters 50%-off and BOGO offers for fine and casual dining, local attractions, travel, shopping and much more. Plus, the membership includes the Nationwide Mobile App—which gives digital access to ALL Entertainment® editions, right from your smartphone!

  • The Classic Recipes Emily’s Home Bakery™ Fundraiser is a great gourmet cookie dough fundraiser for anytime of the year. Supporters love how easy it is to have fresh, home-baked cookies.
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Download Cookie Dough Fundraiser Brochure for more information about our Classic Recipe Cookie Dough fundraiser for High School Football teams.

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In today’s environment, high schools need money more now than ever to keep their football and sports programs alive, and they are seeking effective and low-risk fundraising opportunities. Choose a low-risk fundraiser like Entertainment® and keep more of the money for your high school football team!
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  • I've never seen a better book!

    "The kids can't keep them in their hands because they are selling so good! "
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    Miamisburg Christian Academy Has a Great Fundraiser

    "Entertainment® is a great fundraiser for our school."
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    Minnesota Group Raises over $5,000 for Music Program!

    "Fundraising with Entertainment® has been a SNAP! We have been working with Entertainment® for the past 3 years... "
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