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Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Entertainment® is a Highly Successful Elementary School Fundraiser!

Elementary School Fundraisers Elementary school fundraising is often the key to funding technology, equipment, events, trips and other important resources that make a positive difference in your students’ lives.

Entertainment® has been helping schools and groups like yours meet their fundraising goals for over 50 years, and you can use our experience to make your next fundraiser a huge success!

There are many different fundraising ideas, but all elementary school fundraisers fall into two categories:
events and product sales.
Both can be an effective means to raise funds, and most schools rely on both events and product fundraisers.

While fundraising success relies on motivated volunteers and great planning, product fundraisers typically can be run with fewer volunteers, and generate profit in a much shorter period.

Entertainment Fundraising 50 YearsOur family friendly product fundraisers can get you to your goal in as little as 3 weeks!

Elementary School Fundraiser Idea

In selecting a product for your elementary school fundraiser you are making a decision for every family in your school. Therefore it’s important that the product have:

  • High Value compared to its price, so that your supporters are rewarded for helping your school
  • Strong Profit for every unit sold, so that you can quickly reach your goal
  • Sales Tools to make it easier for you to organize your fundraiser, and for students to sell
Entertainment® fundraising products deliver all this and more!

We recommend the following fundraising ideas:
Entertainment Coupon Book and Mobile App Membership
An elementary school fundraiser where your school profits, your families save and your community wins!

Entertainment Book fundraiser for Elementary ShcoolsThe Entertainment Coupon Book Membership is our most popular fall fundraiser because your supporters can get their purchase price back with just one use. There are 118 local editions in U.S. and Canada, and each are packed with thousands of dollars in up to 50% off savings on fine and casual dining, local attractions, travel, shopping and more.

Many of our exclusive savings are right in your neighborhood, so your supporters save money AND help their local businesses.

What’s even more exciting is that every membership comes with our NEW free mobile app. It allows users to access offers from their local edition and conveniently ‘show and save’. It also provides mobile access to all local editions, so it’s like paying for one edition and getting the other 117 for free!

Here’s How The Entertainment Book Fundraiser works for qualified schools:
  • You receive Entertainment® on consignment, with no upfront cost and therefore there’s no risk
  • We provide proven sales tools that make it easy for students to sell, including a link they can use with email and social media, to easily reach family and friends wherever they live
  • You get a full-time, professional fundraising Rep to support you throughout the entire fundraiser
  • Based on how many memberships you sell, you can receive up to 40% profit which, depending on the price of your local edition, may be $12 or more for every unit sold, getting you quickly to your fundraising goal
  • You’ll receive a free prize program to motivate and reward your students
  • You run a 3-week sale and pay us for the product sold, keeping your profit!
Entertainment® is a great way to raise money, give back to your supporters AND support your local business community! Get started now.
Classic Recipes™ Cookie Dough Fundraiser
Cookie Dough FundraisersThe Entertainment® Classic Recipes™ Cookie Dough is a great elementary school fundraising idea that’s perfect for raising funds in both the fall and spring.

This is a quick, easy and tasty fundraiser with a bonus no other cookie dough fundraiser offers: everyone who buys cookie dough from your school will receive a free 30-day online and mobile membership that provides access to $1000s in savings of up to 50% off on fine and casual dining, attractions, and shopping.

The free membership makes it possible for your supporters to save even more than the cost of the cookie dough. It’s like they get their cookies for free AND support your school fundraiser!

Here’s How Our Cookie Dough Fundraiser Works:
  • We provide colorful brochures and order forms featuring our 11 delicious flavors, available both in tub and pre-portion.
  • New for this year: we offer gluten free, so there’s something for everybody!
  • There are only two price points to simplify your sale and ordering
  • Orders arrive packed by student, and no immediate refrigeration is required, so distribution is fast and easy
  • We give you a free prize program to motivate your students
  • A full-time, experienced fundraising Rep will assist you throughout your sale
  • You earn 40% for every unit sold, with no upfront cost
  • Shipping is free for accounts that qualify

Cookie dough is a delicious fundraiser that gives back to your families. We can help you get to your goal in as little as three weeks! Get started now.

Entertainment Digital Savings Membership and Mobile App

Digital Savings Fundraiser EnvelopeThe Entertainment® Digital Savings Membership elementary school fundraiser is the newest addition to our fundraising line-up.

It’s just like the Entertainment® Book fundraiser with two extra benefits:

  1. There’s no product inventory to handle,
  2. You can run this fundraiser in the fall or spring.
This is an easy and profitable fundraiser! Your students will receive a colorful brochure explaining how the Digital Savings Membership works and a list of popular merchants right in your neighborhood. Students collect the funds and we email the 12-month membership access to your supporters. It’s that easy. Get started now.

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