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School Fundraising Ideas

You Can Trust Entertainment® with Your School Fundraiser!

School Children Entertainment® has helped over 30,000 schools raise funds to support important programs and projects that positively impacts the lives of their students. We have fundraising ideas and success plans specific to elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.

In selecting the right school fundraiser, you are making a decision for every family in your school. To ensure a successful product fundraiser, you’ll want to select an option that delivers value to your families and the other supporters who will purchase the product you’ll sell. You want a fundraiser that’s easy to run, can be completed in a short time frame and raises the money your school needs.

Entertainment® Fundraising Helps Schools Raise Money!

Entertainment® fundraising products are the perfect way for your school to quickly, easily and successfully raise the money you need. For qualifed school fundraisers, Entertainment® offers:

  1. Family-friendly products that deliver real value
  2. You earn more money for each per unit sold, so you can get to your goal quickly
  3. No upfront costs and shipping is free, so there’s only reward, no risk
  4. FREE prize program to excite, motivate, and reward students
  5. A full-time, professional school fundraising Rep to support you every step of the way
  6. You’ll receive proven sales and marketing materials to make your sale easy and profitable
Ask us about how your students can promote your school fundraiser online with email and social media. Supporters buy online and your schools gets the profit. We ship the Entertainment products directly to the Buyer, so you don’t have to deliver anything! It’s an easy way to boost your sales and promote your fundraiser all across the country.
We have over 50 years of success in helping groups and schools raise funds. Use our experience and fundraising ideas will make your school fundraiser a huge success!

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School Fundraising Ideas Specific to Your School:

PTO Today TIP: PTO Today encourages schools to try a new product if you find that your fundraising sales are becoming weak. Many schools don’t realize when they change up a product, that makes the sale fresh. Consider selling items you haven’t tried before. Read more on PTO Today’s website.
Elementary School Fundraisers
Selecting the right elementary school fundraising product can be challenging because the product must appeal to hundreds of families. Our Entertainment® Book, Digital Savings Membership and Cookie Dough fundraisers are an ideal fit because they’re family friendly and easy for everyone to sell.

Middle School Fundraisers
Middle school fundraisers are important in funding the increasing number of extra-curricular activities that are part of middle school life. Entertainment® has several fundraising ideas that are a perfect fit to raise the funds you need for your middle school.

High School Fundraisers
High school is filled with activities, sports and clubs that are an important part of students’ transition into adulthood, all of which require funding. Because fundraising is usually done by a group, team or club, it’s important that a high school fundraiser be easy to run, quick, and with strong profit potential. Entertainment® has the solution!

PTA / PTO Fundraising Ideas
PTA/PTOs have an incredibly important role in making a difference in students’ lives. Annual fundraising profits are often used to pay for new technology resources, playground equipment, trips, social nights and many other initiatives that help develop young minds.

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People are talking about Entertainment®…

“Having a fundraiser program that takes just a few volunteers and runs only a few weeks is a very EASY program to run. In my experience chairing the Entertainment® fundraiser for 10 years, I have seen it bring over $10,000 to our school. It’s exciting to see the participation in this program when there is also a benefit for the purchaser.”
Caroline Scornavacchi, Chairperson, Centerville Middle School

“I’ve never seen a better book! The kids can’t keep them in their hands because they’re selling so good!”
K. Landas, Kempsville High School, Fine Arts Department Chair (September 2015)
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