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2015 Entertainment® Book Fundraiser

The Fundraiser That Gives Back to Your Supporters

2015Book-All-Products-Face-Left With an Entertainment® fundraiser, you raise the money you need and your supporters also benefit. By using just a few of the money-saving coupons, your supporters’ savings easily be more than the purchase price. Our average member saves $125 per year, and many save thousands.

What is an Entertainment® Membership?
An Entertainment® membership includes the Entertainment® Book and is packed with thousands of dollars in 2 for 1 and 50% off savings on fine and casual dining, local attractions, travel, shopping and more.

We offer 118 local editions across the United States and Canada, and every edition has high value local and national discounts. Many discounts are right in your supporters’ neighborhood, so they save AND support their local businesses.

The 2015 Entertainment® Editions are available NOW and are a Great Fundraising Idea. View the List Here.

How Does the Membership Work?
Each membership includes four convenient ways to wave money: the Entertainment® Book, Online Coupons, Mobile Redemption and the Membership Card.

4 Ways to Save1. Flip through the pages of the Entertainment® book and you’ll see that it is packed with thousands of dollars in savings. You receive super money-saving offers for local and national merchants.
Simply find the coupon you want to use, tear it out of the book, hand it to the merchant and enjoy your savings.

2. Go online at entertainment.com and you will find even more money-saving discounts. They just print, show the coupon and save money. Many new coupons are added even after the book is published, so it’s a good idea to check the website frequently for new offers.

3. The Mobile App has a built-in geolocator which finds nearby discounts and displays them on your phone! This is a great feature for everyone who travels because you can save money just by showing your smartphone. PLUS, with the 2015 Entertainment membership, you get the Nationwide Mobile app and can save all across the U.S. and Canada. Watch Video

4. The Entertainment membership card gives you ongoing savings at participating local restaurants and merchants. These frequent value savings are usually 10% or 20% off. You just show your Entertainment membership card to get the discount.

The Best Fundraiser: No Risk, Only Reward!

Entertainment® has been successfully helping nonprofit and school fundraisers for over 50 years. It’s one of the best nonprofit and school fundraiser because it’s quick, easy, high value, and very profitable.

Schools and qualified nonprofit organizations receive Entertainment® product on consignment. This is very helpful to you because no cash is required up front. Plus, you earn profit as high as 40%! The more you sell the more money you earn for your cause.

You also receive fundraising selling tools and marketing materials to easily promote your sale. Even Out-of-town friends and family can help support your fundraiser! They just buy their local book online, using a special link, and your fundraiser earns the profit! And it doesn’t take much time to finish your fundraiser—most of our school fundraisers and nonprofit groups complete their sale in 3 weeks.

Entertainment® is truly a unique fundraiser. Your school or nonprofit group raises funds, families save money, and your local community business grow!

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NEW for 2015 Entertainment® Fundraisers

If you are considering Entertainment® for your nonprofit or school fundraiser, you will want to read about these exciting about enhancements:

NEW Mobile App is Nationwide
NEW this year, the mobile app gives you access to all 118 local editions. It’s like having every local Entertainment® Book edition at your fingertips when you travel, even though you pay only once for your local book.

You Can Accept Credit Card Payments
This is a great way for your school or nonprofit group to sell more Entertainment and raise more money. Let’s face it, many people just don’t carry cash with they anymore. You will be able to sell Entertainment to more people because they can use their credit card!. You just use the our Secure Payment website and enter the information.

Online Fundraising is HERE!
You can sell online with our New Link Building Website. Your students or members can generate their own link and include in their emails or post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. When friends or family click to buy their local book online, your school or non profit earns the profit for the fundraiser sale.

Coupons are POPULAR!
Coupon usage continues to be very high as more and more people are looking for ways to save money and stretch their dollar. Keep this in mind when choosing a fundraising product. With the Entertainment® Coupon Book Fundraiser, people can donate and support your school or cause and still save money!

People Are Talking about Entertianment®

“I’m always proud and enthusiastic about selling and representing the Entertainment® Books as one of my major fundraisers. People recognize it immediately and it sells itself because of its value.”
Leukemia Society of America, Sterling Heights, Michigan

“Fundraising is easier when you have a product, like the Entertainment® Book, that families enjoy and want.”
Handsworth Secondary School, Vancouver, BC

“Great campaign! Quick, easy fundraiser for all women’s athletics! We sold books collectively earning high profits for each of our teams!”
Spring Woods Girls Soccer Team, Spring Woods, TX

“We made more money than we dreamed of! The sale is easy and our parents love the value.” Lawson Elementary, Johnston, IA

“We sold a valuable service to our families that will help them save money on the things they do every day all year long; Entertainment® Book. As a result, we raised more than double the amount of funds than we originally expected! Combine that with the support we received from the Entertainment® team, and this was an effortless fundraiser.”
Whittier Elementary PTA, Seattle, WA
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