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Entertainment® Digital Savings Fundraiser

The Digital Fundraiser That Gives Back to Your Supporters

NEW Fundraiser! The Entertainment® Digital Savings Membership fundraiser is a quick, easy and proven way to successfully raise the funds you need!

The Entertainment® Digital Savings Membership is packed with thousands of dollars in savings on fine and casual dining, local attractions, travel, shopping, and much more!

This unique fundraiser lets people save how and when they want with mobile and online coupons. They receive a 1-Year Savings membership for just $20, and you earn 40% profit!

Many of our discounts are right in your neighborhood, so your families can support local businesses.

This Entertainment® fundraising program offers:

  • A high dollar profit per membership purchased, so you can get to your goal quickly.
  • No upfront costs and no product inventory to manage.
  • An fundraising representatives to assist you every step of the way.
  • You earn 40% Profit for every sale

Now is the perfect time for Entertainment®

  • People are looking for value, and coupon usage remains high.
  • We’ve recently expanded with many NEW, high value local discounts.
  • The Mobile App provides local savings in over 100 major cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. It’s like getting ALL Entertainment® 118 editions on your phone!

  • Your Group or School Profits.
    Supporters Save. Your Community Wins.

    With an Entertainment® fundraiser, you raise the money you need and your supporters also benefit. By using just a few of the money-saving digital or online coupons, your supporters can easily save more than the $20 purchase price.

    How Does the Digital Entertainment Membership Work?
    After your supporters purchase the $20 Digital Savings Membership from your fundraiser, they will receive an email from Entertainment with their online access code. They simple go online to activate their membership. They can use any of the online coupons and Download the Mobile App to their smartphone for thousands more in savings.

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NEW for Entertainment® Fundraising Products
If you are considering Entertainment® for your nonprofit or school fundraiser, you will want to read about these exciting about enhancements:

The Mobile App is Nationwide
Your supporters download the NEW Nationwide mobile app which gives them access to all 118 local editions. It’s like having every local Entertainment® Book edition at your fingertips when you travel, even though the digital membership only cost $20.

Your Fundraiser Can Accept Credit Card Payments
This is a great way for your school or nonprofit group to sell more Digital Memberships and raise more money. Let’s face it, many people just don’t carry cash with they anymore. You will be able to sell the Digital Savings Membership to more people because they can use their credit card! You just use the our Secure Payment website and enter the information. The code to activate their Digital Savings Membership will be emailed to them.

Online Fundraising is HERE!
You can sell online with our New Link Building Website. Your students or members can generate their own link and include in their emails or post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. When friends or family click to buy their digital membership or local book online, your school or non profit earns the profit for the fundraiser sale.

Coupons are POPULAR!
Coupon usage continues to be very high as more and more people are looking for ways to save money and stretch their dollar. Keep this in mind when choosing a fundraising product. With the Entertainment® Digital Savings Membership, people can donate and support your school or cause for just $20 and still save money!

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