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Entertainment Corporate Marketing Solutions
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Program Success Metrics

Mini-Case Study “lite” for a few of our clients:

Business Marketing SuccessIndustry: National Financial Services Company
Marketing Objective: Increase acquisition rate for a specific benefit program
CMS Solution: Created a custom discount offer targeted for a designated geographic region
Results: Generated a 40% lift in response rates

Industry: Southern Regional Broadband Company
Marketing Objective: Increase customer acquisition
CMS Solution: Created a savings program distributed door-to-door and via direct mail
Results: Achieved a 13% increase in new business

Industry: Telecommunications Company
Marketing Objective: Strengthen retention rates amount top-tier customer base
CMS Solution: Created a custom discount book filled with local merchant discounts
Results: Achieved a 15% improvement in retention rates. In addition, 75% of their high-value, best customers were influenced to stay with the company based on the custom discount book.

Industry: National Marketing Company
Marketing Objective:Marketing Objective:Increase membership retention and offset program price increase
CMS Solution: Created a customized coupon booklet containing highly recognized national merchants
Results: Achieved over a 44% increase in retention rates that generated over $1 million more in revenues than previous programs.

Industry: National Wireless Company
Marketing Objective: To retain their loyal customers with a “thank you”
CMS Solution: Created a customized coupon book with local and national discounts
Results: Generated $4.5MM in incremental revenue as a result of the program. The coupon book received a very positive response from customers and was perceived as a high-value reward.

Industry: Regional Bank
Marketing Objective: Reward loyal customers while driving increased usage of their credit card.
CMS Solution: A discount card-based program providing ongoing 20% savings.
Results: Generated an 80% increase in usage of their credit card. Customers had a positive response to the reward and, as a result, increased their credit card usage by two times a year.

Industry: Regional Cable Company
Marketing Objective: Reward loyal customers while strengthening relationships with customers that have experienced customer service issues.
CMS Solution: A customized coupon sheet featuring four tailored offers to fit their theme.
Results: The client achieved a 5.5% response rate and experienced a noticeable decline in customer service issues.

Industry:Consumer Packaged Goods
Marketing Objective: Increase sign-up rates for their membership club.
CMS Solution: A customized coupon offer received at sign-up
Results: The client achieved reached their one year target within the first 6 months of the program.