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Increase Customer Engagement by Offering Digital Discounts

Digital discounts are a convenient way to reward your customers for their loyalty or to add value to an existing membership program. They can also be structured to drive new customer acquisition. Entertainment® online savings programs are customized to meet your marketing goals, including your target specifications and budget requirements.

Everyone likes to save:
In 2014, 112.5 million U.S. adults redeemed online coupons – this is projected to grow to 126.9 million in 2016.
(SOURCE: statistica.com – 2015)

NEW SaversGuide® – Keep Your Brand Top of Mind

The NEW SaversGuide site is the same great customer engagement solution – with many improved features. It’s still a customizable, private-labeled site that allows your customers or members to save when and how they want at their favorite merchants. Furthermore, marketers enjoy many benefits:

  • Turnkey, high-value, low-cost solution
  • Ongoing, value-add program
  • Easily integrates with existing programs or is stand-alone
  • Customize offers based on your audience
  • Enhanced site metrics

The enhancements to SaversGuide are part of significant improvements in the digital space by the Entertainment® company as a whole. Features that contribute to a better customer experience include:

  • Responsive site, optimized for mobile and tablet
  • More convenient print and mobile redemption
  • Cleaner and more user-friendly design

savings-to-dateSee the new and improved SaversGuide website >

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Discount Dining Dollars – Virtual Currency for Acquisition & Reward

Boost your acquisition efforts with turnkey virtual currency programs from Entertainment®. Reward customers and prospects with virtual dollars they can use to redeem for discounts at over 70,000 restaurants nationwide. They can browse for their favorite restaurants and redeem their Dining Dollars instantly for savings of up to 50% at merchants throughout North America.

If you’re looking for an effective and efficient incentive solution to acquire new customers, learn more about Discount Dining Dollars >