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Member Benefits Programs

Rewards that Surprise & Delight Your Members

Unique incentive and rewards solutions that appeal to your the majority of your members is difficult to come by unless you work with Entertainment®. With our retail, dining and travel merchant network–you can provide coupon discounts and savings packages that will provide a relevant rewards to your membership base and enhance your membership benefits!

If you need a reward program for prospecting new customers or a member rewards program, we can have solutions that really work and are low-cost.

Entertainment® Member Benefit Rewards solutions help you:

    • Prospect and capture consumer contact data
    • Upsell your members
    • Offset fees on a subscription
    • Drive Social Media behavior

And we can work with you to create a private-label program that supports your overall brand strategy. We have a unique technology platform that lets you build a rewards program that is highly targeted, customized and personalized – all helping your customers feel more appreciated and committed to your company and brand.

Enhance Your Member Rewards Program with Entertainment®

Whether it’s a fully customized and private-labeled program or a simple turnkey solution, we will listen to your needs and recommend the best rewards strategy for your business.
Our discounts and savings offers can be packaged into any type of incentive or rewards program.

See how our innovative marketing solutions work have helped others and can help you retain your best customers, drive expansion and keep your best customers loyal!

Entertainment® Discounts Fortify Member Rewards Programs

Entertainment(R) Customer CycleFor 50 years, Entertainment® has been the leader in discounts and promotions and we have been delivering Member Rewards and Loyalty Rewards Solutions to Fortune 1000 companies for over half those years.
BRAND BUILDING: Our private-labeled solutions keep your brand top-of-mind year-round.
FLEXIBLE FORMAT: We deliver content when, where and how you want – mobile, digital, print and email.
GREAT VALUE: Our coupons feature best-in-class offers, typically “Buy One, Get One” or 50% off for dining.

If you would like to learn more about our private-labeled Member Rewards Programs and how we can help to reduce your costs, Contact Entertainment® Corporate Marketing Solutions today for more information.