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We Help You Build Brand Loyalty

Marketing professionals understand the importance of a hard-working loyalty program. Now you can take it to the next level with Entertainment® Corporate Marketing Solutions. Reward your customers for their loyalty with discounts and savings on the things they like to do every day – shop, dine, travel and more.

Make Discounts & Coupons Part of Your Loyalty Program!

Reward and Retain Loyal Customers w/Discounts

Personalize it. Customize it. Tie it in to an existing program. Start an entirely new one. Your customers will not only appreciate the value, but will feel valued themselves. Our rewards and discounts can be used in a variety of ways to support your loyalty efforts:

  • Augment an existing loyalty points system.
  • Boost the frequency of visits to your website.
  • Expand the diversity of rewards choices.
  • Lower costs by replacing more expensive rewards programs.

Choose Entertainment® for Your Loyalty Program

For 50 years, Entertainment® has been the leader in discounts and promotions and we have been delivering loyalty programs to Fortune 1000 companies for over half those years. Our success is based on our money-saving offer content database and flexible marketing solutions. Check out some of our Success Metrics

GREAT VALUE: Our coupons feature best-in-class offers, typically “Buy One, Get One” or 50% off for dining.
FLEXIBLE FORMAT: We deliver content in the format your customers want –mobile, digital, print and email.
BRAND BUILDING: Brand Building: Our private-labeled solutions keep your brand in front of your customers year-round.

If you would like to learn more about our private-labeled Loyalty Programs and how we can help to reduce your costs, Contact Entertainment® Corporate Marketing Solutions today for more information.