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Boost Your Acquisition Efforts & Lead Generation!

The primary objective of customer acquisition programs is to grow your customer base while maintaining costs. We’ve helped many company’s generate strong campaign results and can help you with our acquisition solutions.

Let us help you minimize your acquisition cost by identifying prospects that most closely match your “ideal” prospect and focus your efforts on them. Targeting key prospects improves your ROI and reduces your acquisition costs, but it isn’t always easy. That’s where our coupon-based acquisition solutions can help!

Don’t Discount YOUR Brand, Use our Coupon Database!

Rather than discount your brand, we can create a unique incentive program that provides your target customers with discounts on a wide variety of brands they know and love.
A low-cost, high-perceived value that can help you get those customers! Learn more about our Discount Dinning Dollars solution

  • Cultivate new prospects
  • Generate hot leads
  • Improve SEO rank
  • Boost website traffic
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Expand online reach to Prospects
  • Acquire more “Qualified” Customers
  • Turn Prospects into Customers

Acquisition Programs That Work for You!

Reduce your acquisition costs and increase the number of customers by teaming with us. Entertainment is the leader in discounts and promotions and has been providing millions of consumers with money-saving coupons for the past 50 years.

    • Packaged Goods Company wanted to encourage sign-up for their membership club and provided a custom offer to drive sign-up…Achieved 1 year target in 6 months!

Let us work with you to help target and acquire those prospects which most closely match your ideal customer and reduce your acquisition cost by eliminating those that are not a match.

Request more information and we can set up a no pressure phone conversation to see how we can help you with your acquisition program objectives.