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Utility Rewards Program

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Power your Customer Service Levels

Energy is an industry on the move. How do you nail down your market differentiators and stabilize or grow revenue in such a changing environment?
Regulation. Deregulation. Smart Grids. Carbon Emission Reduction. Time of Use Rates.

There is a lot to think about, not the least of which is how to stay competitive and keep your business one step ahead.

Entertainment® CMS is helping leading utility companies offer customers more for their money and drive down costs. Our tactics are proven – we can help you…

  • Build brand loyalty and reduce customer churn
  • Differentiate your service levels from the competition
  • Increase revenue by adding value to your warranty and membership programs
  • Reduce costs and prepare for market shifts by rewarding behavioral change

Entertainment® CMS helps Utility Companies

We take our robust collection of 500,000 merchant offers and strategically deliver them to achieve your marketing objectives. We give you the ability to give your customers deep discounts on the things they do every day by creating customized touch points – print, digital, mobile, and email – customized with your logo and branding. We help utility companies achieve their marketing goals by rewarding their customers with best-in-class discounts where they dine, shop or travel.
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To find out more about strengthening your customer relations and membership loyalty, contact Entertainment® today.

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Download Utilities PDF
Download a printer friendly version of our Utility Industry Overview. We can create a customer rewards program with appealing incentives, measurable results, strong ROI, and improvements customer satisfaction.