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Future Corporate Marketing Trends

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Biggest Change in LoyaltyBiggest Challenge in Marketing

In our current environment, marketeers are faced with appealing to post-recession consumers and a fickle economy. No one is really sure what will happen with our future economy, but we can develop knowledgeable marketing strategies that strengthen our customer relationships. Here are 6 additional trends to look for in the coming year:

1. Multi-tiered Approach

Look for company’s that can offer a multichannel approach. This includes print, email, digital and mobile. As marketeers we need to appeal to consumers in a format that resonates personally and in the moment.

2. Lifestyle & “Geo-Matching”

Use your data to match your customers. There is an increased focus on understanding customer value and modeling customer behavior. High-value offers from our exclusive discount network of over 400,000 offers are “geo-matched” to your customer’s ZIP code and lifestyle attributes.

3. Seamless Customer Experience

Consumers have more choices than ever before and are more frugal. This means they can demand more from you. Consider offering a consistent experience across all of your marketing touch points: print, mobile, website, and email. We can create private-labeled marketing solution across all of your platforms and maintain a seamless user experience.

4. Get Up Close & Personal

Use dynamic content and 1:1 email campaigns to create a personalized and customized experience for your customers. This will help you to be more effective, improve engagement and increase interaction. Speaking to customers with specific offers that appeal to their needs is more meaningful and helps to reinforce your brand loyalty.

5. Explore Social Media

Everyone is looking at their social media strategy this year. Ask us about how we can help you can integrate your loyalty program, rewards program and even your acquisition programs into your social media strategy.

6. Everyone Loves a Deal

Saving money is a priority for most people in today’s economy – which explains why coupon use continues to be on the rise ( over 94% of households report using coupons). Families work hard to maintain their standard of living. Companies like yours can help them by using money-saving coupon offers in your marketing campaigns to build brand loyalty and increase customer retention… and it cost you just pennies on the dollar!

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