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Our Marketing Expertise Spans Multiple Industries

Our customer engagement experts have experience in most every industry vertical and have developed integrated marketing solutions to achieve client marketing objectives.

The design and management of acquisition, retention and loyalty programs varies greatly depending on your company and industry vertical. We have experts who specialize in specific industries which gives them a deeper understanding of industry guidelines and regulations.

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Our Marketing Philosophy..
It’s YOUR job to develop great products/services and deliver superior service to your customers…

It’s OUR job at Entertainment® CMS to deliver impactful, innovative and effective marketing solutions that drive customers to your doors and continue to drive them back again and again, while delivering a positive Return on Your Investment.

Examples of Our Marketing Solutions in Action:

Acquire: Top Canadian Bank used Entertainment® incentive to sell fee based Identity product – 60% lift rate over test cell

Retain: Large National Marketing Company provides a customized printed Entertainment® product as a value add to offset program price and drive retention.
Retention rates increased over 44%
Generated over $1 million in additional revenue

Reward: International Time Share Company utilizes Entertainment® benefits to up sell memberships from Basic to Gold and Platinum levels.  This partnership  program has been in place over 14 years.

Experience with Fortune 500 Companies

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