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Member Rewards

Rewards don’t always have to drive purchases – they can also be used to foster important lifestyle changes to increase health and wellness consumer engagement. Health care has been undergoing significant changes in the U.S., and there has also been a renewed focus on preventative care and wellness programs. More and more insurance plans, healthcare […]

Businesses need to not only consider what loyalty rewards to offer, but how to motivate their target audience to participate in the programs they’ve created.

One excellent strategy for companies in the travel and tourism industry is to consider how they can use their locations to their advantage.

Consumers are bored with predictability. Luckily, all it takes is some surprise and delight for a company to take its loyalty program from ho-hum to exciting.

Done right, membership clubs can drive acquisition, retention and stronger bottom lines.

Incentive programs featuring premium discounts can factor heavily in customer engagement when done right.

It may often be difficult to acquire new customers, but the matter of keeping them coming back is just as challenging for corporate marketers.

Marketers are always trying to think of new ways to delight consumers.