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Entertainment Corporate Marketing Solutions
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Helpful Blogs From The CMS Team

Cable companies are well-positioned to not only attract the right customers but improve customer retention as well in the new era of multi-screen viewing and alternative programming sources.

Enthusiasm for coupons is unlikely to slow down anytime soon.  Using printed coupon formats is a simple, low-cost way to appeal to consumers and provide a great tangible incentive.

One of the most powerful marketing strategies is surprise and delight, as it plays on the strong emotions and memories that can be created by unexpected happiness.

Surprise and delight can help companies keep their customers happy, increasing the chances they will be receptive to upsell efforts.

Email remains one of the most important marketing solutions companies can implement to connect with their clients over digital channels.

Implementing a highly customized and budget-friendly travel rewards program can generate loyalty, driving revenues, reputation and other positive results.

By using loyalty programs that harness the power of personalization, any company can fuel the emotional connections today’s consumers desire most.

Consumers are bored with predictability. Luckily, all it takes is some surprise and delight for a company to take its loyalty program from ho-hum to exciting.

Standing out requires using the human touches consumers crave. Surprise and delight marketing can be a great way to create bonds that drive desired behavior.

Inspiring loyalty doesn’t have to be an expensive process. In fact, if companies focus too heavily on providing customers with high-cost rewards, the ROI of their marketing efforts is likely to suffer.