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July 2013

It is essential for a business to be constantly thinking of more effective ways to appeal to members of its target audience, as keeping up a healthy flow of new customers supports results at all levels. As new marketing tools emerge and consumers’ needs change, it’s important that companies clue into the options that are most likely to drive desired behavior in the modern customer.

Influence has to be earned, and one of the primary ways businesses can compel individuals to make desired choices is by implementing an engaging loyalty rewards program.

Today, many consumers’ email inboxes are cluttered with marketing messages. Because email has the potential to boost customer retention and loyalty, marketers must be careful that they are sending out highly targeted and relevant rewards through these channels.

As many modern businesses realize, it is often not enough to have a one-size fits all rewards program.. Instead, these programs must be highly relevant and valuable to the customers receiving them, and this means making customization a priority.

The importance of acquisition marketing cannot be overstated.

With highly valuable, customized rewards and exciting membership program opportunities, companies can welcome more customers and achieve new levels of business success.

Done right, membership clubs can drive acquisition, retention and stronger bottom lines.

If a cable company’s most reliable and high-value customers are receiving exciting benefits from continuing their subscriptions, they are likely to remain loyal for years to come.

One of the most important challenges that enterprises face in their acquisition marketing efforts is simultaneously keeping opportunity high and customer acquisition costs low.

Leveraging the joy of getting an unexpected reward, a great discount and excellent customer service, businesses can cultivate a client base that’s truly engaged and in it for the long haul.